Let me help you get to market faster, with broader reach and more maintainable code.

I love startups. I grew up with an entrepreneur for a father and grandfather, and my first job was at one of the most ambitious startups of all time. New ventures are truly in my blood, and I love the opportunity to start with a clean sheet and make something happen.

What I can offer.

I can be of great help to lean, early-stage startups that lack an experienced front-end architect, or who could use an additional set of qualified hands on the problem.

My experience with semantic mark-up and responsive design means that I can help you achieve a more maintainable code base while targeting mobile devices for a nominal additional investment.

I also excel in working with graphic designers and illustrators that are new to the Web, allowing you to leverage potentially stronger design resources for a more professional look.

Based in Portland Oregon.

I’m comfortable working remotely, or I can be available on-site during important phases of development.

Flexible engagement.

Each situation is different, and we can structure an arrangement that meets your needs and budget.

Potentially you could reduce your overall costs by bringing me in for initial development where I help you establish your strategy and code base, and then come back in on a time and materials basis for smaller modifications.

Contact me.

Please contact me and we can discuss the particulars of your project.